The Center for American Greatness seeks to build and engage a growing and committed audience of educated citizens committed to and capable of leading a durable and successful political renaissance in American politics. Our goal is to create a climate of opinion and scholarship that articulates and defends the principles of the American Founding. Our commentary and articles examine what traditional American conservatism looks like in today’s modern age and what it means to hard working citizens who are confronted with new challenges never before experienced in our country’s history.

Our audience is average Americans who believe strongly in the ideas of what America stands for. Who not only value – but live out – the principles of our nation: freedom, individualism, entrepreneurship, patriotism, faith and family, helping others and respect for religion. The Center’s articles help educate Americans and equip them with the intellectual tools for responsible citizenship and self-government. Our readers tend not to be only ideological but also have a practical sensibility of how these principles should be lived out in the 21st century.

Editorial Process

The Center for American Greatness is dedicated to producing only the highest quality journalism. That is why our editorial process is so rigorous. Each article published on the site is reviewed by two professional editors. All content is edited, reviewed and fact-checked to meet our high standards.


Our Principles:

  • The American regime is based on the belief, expressed in the Declaration, that all mankind have natural rights given to them by their Creator and that government’s only legitimate role is the protection of those rights.

  • The Constitution must be restored as the nation’s preeminent political authority as a means of protecting those rights by limiting the power of government, enumerating the people’s rights, and instituting a system of federalism by which all decisions, except those for which responsibility was specifically given to the federal government, were to be made by the unit of government closest to the people.

  • The formation of good citizens is essential to the survival and prosperity of self-government. American citizenship in particular, requires the cultivation of personal responsibility and civic virtue.

  • The American regime is unique in human history. It is, in a word, exceptional, having done more good for more people than any regime ever before. Every generation must be taught the American story afresh. It is vital to the maintenance of a free, just, and prosperous nation.

  • The nation-state remains the best vehicle for securing the natural rights of man.